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Creativity, the new energy for Grand Rubber's rapidly development

Creativity, the new energy for Grand Rubber's rapidly development

Grand Rubber considers the creativity as the core power of enterprise transformation and upgrade, and constantly enhance the staff's innovative consciousness, encourage all the backward production technology, equipment to be improved, and actively guide the staff to carry out small inventions, small creation, to achieve the innovative ability and innovative benefits of double promotion. 


"Rubber material produced according to 15MPA cover rubber formula with poor gravity, not good vulcanization effect, higher cost, but because it is the main production formula of multi-ply fabric conveyor belt, we have not been bold to change. Now the company issued a "full innovation, improve implementation plan", "idea" solicitation and incentives, such as a series of systems to encourage innovation, we are not afraid of others said we are ' poor toss ', ' blind Toss '. By adjusting the main material of the formula, the gravity of the rubber material has been greatly improved, the formula cost has been reduced by 8%, the annual savings are more than 100,000RMB, the real realization of quality and efficiency. "The Minister of Technology, Lin said excitedly.

With the strengthening of internal innovation guidance, at the same time, Grand Rubber also actively to the standard, actively "go out and introduce" NN conveyor belt. The company has repeatedly organized technology, production, equipment and other departments to study the standard, and constantly broaden their horizons, growth insight, and employ external experts on the difficult process, technology on-site explanation, teaching.

Since 2017, Grand Rubber cumulative collects 186 "idea", "small change small leather proposal", carry out 112 technology, equipment and other aspects of the technical update, saving production of more than 800,000RMB. Corrugated sidewall conveyor belting Creativity has become a new momentum for the company's rapidly development.

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