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Belt conveyor maintainance

Belt conveyor maintainance

Because of its simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, and large transportation capacity, the belt conveyor is widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises. The working environment of the belt conveyor is generally poor, so it is easy to have various problems.NN conveyor belt

Therefore, maintaining the good working condition of the belt conveyor during operation, prolonging the service life of the conveying equipment, sidewall conveyor belt improving the operation quality, and reducing the operating cost are one of the goals pursued by the enterprise.


Belt slip problems and solutions:

The main drive roller operates normally when the belt is started or running, but the belt does not rotate or the action gradually slows down until it stops. When the equipment is running, it should be higher than 95% of the drum speed under normal conditions. If the friction between the belt and the drum is not enough, the slip will occur.steel cord conveyor belt


Main reason:

1. The belt tension is not enough, the frictional force generated by the drum is not enough to overcome the belt resistance;chevron conveyor belt

2. The belt load is too high, and the belt cannot run beyond the design capacity;

3. The water content of the material is too high, and the equipment is exposed to water;

4. The friction coefficient set by the equipment itself is not enough to ensure the normal operation of the belt;filter belt

5. Foreign matter (bulk material or waste roller debris, etc.) in the transport material jams the belt, making the belt inoperable.


Treatment measures:

1. Use a tensioning device to reasonably increase the tension so that the belt is subjected to reasonable tension;

2. Use a double roller or multiple rollers to increase the wrap angle so that it is always within a reasonable range;Solid woven conveyor belt

3. Improve the friction coefficient, ensure the scientificity of the friction coefficient, and use wear-resistant materials.endless conveyor belt

4. Shut down and clean up foreign objects when foreign matter is found.

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